Puzz Story: Formula
Puzz Story: Formula
Book + Puzzle + Poster
Puzz Story: Game
Puzz Story: Game
A Puzzle that tells a Story
Puzz Story: Idea
Puzz Story: Idea
Auditory + Kinesthetic + Visual
Puzz Story: Full Edition
Puzz Story: Full Edition
Hard poster + 96 magnets
Puzz Story: Book Series
Puzz Story: Book Series
Collect the 12 magnetic stickers
Puzz Story Formula

Puzz Story combines a book, a puzzle and a poster

Puzz Story is a unique active reading game. It combines a book, a puzzle and a poster to result in a product that entertains, educates and delights children — and amazes their parents!

The first Puzzle that tells a Story!

Puzz Story is the first Puzzle that tells a Story

1  Read or listen carefully to the story in the book
2  Based on the descriptions, shapes and colors in the book, find the puzzle pieces which represent the main elements of the story
3  Assemble the puzzle pieces on the magnetic poster to illustrate the story

Puzz Story Learning

Puzz Story activates auditory, kinesthetic and visual learning

By simultaneously activating auditory, kinesthetic and visual memories, Puzz Story produces exceptional results in learning.

Full Version

Puzz Story: Full Edition

+ 33×33″ hard magnetic poster (85x85cm)
+ 96 thick wooden puzzle pieces
+ Illustrated book (hardcover, 85 pages, A4)
+ Storage box with magnetic flap

Series Cover

Puzz Story: The Book Series

Collect the 12 episodes and assemble the wall stickers to form the big magnetic poster.
Each episode comprises:
+ 1 magnetic wall sticker (28x21cm)
+ 8 thick puzzle pieces
+ Illustrated book (softcover, 26 pages, A5)